High temperatures yesterday reached the upper 60s, but didn't even make 70.  I thought we might make it to 70 or 72.

Newark and Atlantic City were the warmest at 69.  The coolest was Trenton-Mercer County Airport with 66 yesterday.

Well today, it's going to be mostly sunny with high temperatures in the low to maybe mid 70s.  It'll be very pleasant with very low humidity.  It'll be a bit cooler than that near the ocean.

More arriving clouds tonight with maybe a far North Jersey shower late.  Temperatures will be in the 50s, but low to mid in urban and coastal areas tomorrow morning.

Watch for a shower tomorrow, especially in Central and North Jersey, in the morning.  Otherwise, clouds and some sun with highs well into the 70s, but cooler again near the ocean.

A few possible showers Thursday morning with partly sunny skies in the low 70s, but cooler along the coast.

It looks as though conditions as we head into Friday, and especially over the weekend, maybe be on the unsettled side.

More on that in future reports.