The weekend worked out reasonably well, although Saturday, for some, there was no rain at all until the last minute in parts of Central New Jersey and along Route 295.

The real show Saturday was in southern and coastal counties that had some heavy downpours.

Sunday worked out just fine as temperatures reached as high as the upper 80s in Newark, which was 88.

Today should be in the upper 80s.  The humidity level should be just modest, at best, so not bad there. There may be a sea breeze in the afternoon along the beach and boardwalk.

Tonight, temperatures should be back down into the 60s.  There might be a few 50s at the last minute in the usual spots from Basking Ridge on north and west.

It looks like shower and thunderstorm activity will threaten Tuesday, especially late morning and into the afternoon.  In fact, it should last through Tuesday night.

Early Wednesday may start with a few leftover showers, possibly.  And then hopefully through the rest of the day, we should dry out and improve.

The weather should be fine after that, as we close out the rest of the work week.