Yesterday, I thought we would get to the mid 40s, but we only got to the low 40s; 41, 42, 43 was the best we could do yesterday.

That is below the normal 46 to 49.

Today will be mainly in the mid to upper 40s with mostly cloudy skies and the threat of a few passing showers.  There's actually going to some spotty light freezing showers in Northwest New Jersey early this morning.

Some showers will move through during the nighttime hours ahead with milder Friday night lows mostly in the 40s.

Any early showers end on Saturday.  Not a bad day, but lots of clouds around as we dry out.  Highs tomorrow in the milder mid to upper 50s on Saturday afternoon.

It looks, as though, some rain is likely Sunday in the cooler upper 40s and lower 50s, at best.

Then, we'll be in the milder upper 50s to near 60 Monday with the chance of some rain or showers.

It will turn colder again for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Have a good weekend.