A street name study by The Washington Post reveals some interesting facts about American life.


Perhaps most surprisingly, Main is the tenth most popular road name throughout the nation, while Park ranks number one. 2nd/Second appropriately holds second place, while Oak is in third.

Looking deeper, the most common street names by state often reveal the type of plants indigenous to those areas, like Lehua in Hawaii and Columbine in Colorado. Names like "Lee" and "Lincoln" also harken back to our country's early days and regional political loyalties. Religious enclaves are even revealed in places like Utah, where street names reflect beliefs.

The following are the Garden State's top street names, according to The Washington Post:

  1. Park, 184
  2. Oak, 162
  3. Maple, 160
  4. Cedar, 151
  5. Washington, 145
  6. Laurel, 137
  7. Pine, 133
  8. Lincoln, 131
  9. Willow, 129
  10. Holly, 120