Even with a wake up call from the latest recession, a new survey finds that most people are not financially prepared for a rainy day.

The survey by Bankrate.com finds that 28% of Americans have no savings for emergencies to cover bills if they lost their job or had another financial disaster.

"I can't save a dime," said one shopper in Toms River.

"I'm really worried...I am working three jobs and still not making enough to pay my bills these days let alone save for the future," said another man from Brick.

Only 25% have six months of savings set aside, the amount recommended by financial planners.

"Its really tough, especially here in New Jersey...things are much more expensive here," said a woman from Manchester.

"Gas prices are still really high, its crazy," said a man shopping with his daughters.

Whether its by choice or necessity, consumers are definitely spending more and not saving.

"I'd rather spend on things I want now and worry about what happens later," said another man.

Nearly 50% said they couldn't go three months without a paycheck.

"Its all about not racking up credit card debt and buying what you need, not what you want."

Other survey findings:

Feelings of financial security declined slightly to 97.8 in June from 98.5 in May. Any reading under 100 signifies how much less financially secure people are feeling than a year ago.

About 26 percent said they were more comfortable with their debt compared with a year ago and 19 percent felt less comfortable.