A new survey finds more than one in two Americans say they are stressed out by daily life.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

The Healthy World Report found 55 percent in the survey said everyday life stresses them. Fifty-two percent say it's negatively impacting their health.

Morristown psychologist Steven Tobias said because many of us are working longer, they are taking fewer vacations and their responsibilities are greater.

One stress antidote, Tobias said, is what he calls quiet or down time.

"Really just the time to be alone with your own thoughts, to have some moments during the day when you can kind of reflect and process everything," he said.

The correlation between stress and one's health is well-known among doctors. Sixty-five percent of healthcare providers said they believe stress is having a negative impact on their patients' lives.

Other stress reducers are exercise, being with others and just having fun. When it comes to exercise, 9 out of 10 doctors, 88 percent in the survey, said they recommend exercise as a way to combat everyday stress.