More professional women are walking away from the big paycheck and prestige that comes with a corporate job and opting instead for time and flexibility. Those are the findings of a recent survey by More magazine which found that 43% of women surveyed said they are less ambitious now than they were a decade ago. Only a quarter of them said they're working toward their next promotion.

Terri Boyer, Executive Director of the Center for Women and Work at Rutgers University, is not surprised. "Our workplaces have yet to catch up with the demands that are in place for both women and men," said Boyer. "We have a lot more caregiving responsibilities both for our elder parents, grandparents and for young people."

Boyer believes more and more professionals realize they have access to good jobs, but other responsibilities don't always fit in well with those careers which is why many are seeking the less paying jobs that offer more flexibility and free time.

Three out of four women in the survey, 73%, said they would not apply for their boss' job. "Many don't want to have the kind of life they see in their superiors from the stress level, from the lack of ability to make your own schedule and things of that nature," said Boyer.

"In this day and age, offering more money isn't necessarily going to entice a good worker to stay with the company," said Boyer. "People need to look at the full package when attracting good employees. You need to say not only do we offer a livable wage, but we offer flexibility in your own life."