By Jeff Deminski

Assemblyman Dave Wolfe is proposing legislation that will allow municipalities in the Garden State to put video cameras on school buses. The idea is to catch images of license plates of those driving around stopped school buses dropping off or picking up kids. Along with a ticket to be sent presumably in the mail Wolfe wants the fine for such ticket to increase from $100 to as much as $500. Assemblyman Wolfe says, "It's a 5 year pilot program and it's not a money maker, it's a safety maker." Well if it's not a money maker, why does he want to quintuple the fine?

I realize it's dangerous and dead wrong to pass a school bus. No one should do it. I also realize it's a slippery slope to keep replacing cops with cameras such as another pilot program, the red light camera system. We took calls for an hour on this subject today and the opinions from callers were mixed. So let's get a lot more of you to speak your mind.

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