I had never used the phrase until I came to New Jersey 101.5...

"Wearing" my "badge of honor" in-studio tonight! (Craig Allen photo).

Now, I say "It is what it is" all the time.

So much so, that I now have the daily reminder that you see above.

Santa dropped the "phrase" down my "chimbley!" (no infringement on Dr. Seuss, please).

What are some of your oft-used phrases? Keep it clean, please. This is a "family" website!

Its TRUE! (Craig Allen photo).

And, have you ever seen your favorite phrase or saying on one of these "signs" that are all the rage?

YOLO...so make the most of it! (Craig Allen photo).

If you've seen your phrase...great!

Woof! (Craig Allen photo).

If not..."It Is What It Is."

Awwww.... (Craig Allen photo).
"You better be good...for goodness sake!" (Craig Allen photo).
BFF...out of practicality? (Craig Allen photo).