The weekend forecast worked out pretty well, with the exception of temperatures yesterday.

I though 51 would do it for Sunday.  It got to 60 in Atlantic City. That came within 8 degrees of the record of 68, which was set back in 1988.

Newark and Wrightstown had a high of 55. So, 55 to 60 for highs, which is some 15 to 20 degrees above normal.

Of course, today we have to deal with the snow. Conditions should change to heavy snow, for a while, during the morning into the early afternoon before it starts to taper off by mid and late afternoon.

The key question is, how much snow?  The statistical guidance in two models does not give much snow at all.  It gives nothing to Atlantic City, in terms of accumulation.  And it only gives about an inch to three inches, at maximum, elsewhere.

That seems to be way below what everybody else is going for, 4-6 or 4-8 inches.

I'm thinking of 4 inches or more because it's going to snow heavily from late morning to mid-day before starting to taper off this afternoon.

Temperatures will eventually settle and fall through the 30s.