High temperatures on Wednesday reached the low to middle 80's. There were some showers around as well as some heavy thunderstorms.

Skies should be no worse than possibly sunny, and high temperatures this afternoon should be ranging in the mid to perhaps upper 80's.   Cooler at the beaches and still on the humid side. Some clear skies tonight.  There may be a shower in North Jersey.  Low 60's close to 70 near the ocean.

Friday will see some sunshine with more humidity, and just the chance of a shower or thunderstorm.  Upper 80's and cooler near the ocean.

Showers and a thunderstorm will arrive at some point on Saturday.  Highs in the mid 80's, but cooler near the ocean.  Sunday will be sunny with highs back in the 80's.

Leslie is a little bit less than 1200 miles south, southeast of New Jersey, just drifting to the north.  It's still just a minimal hurricane, although it may gain strength.