Its getting more expensive to fill up in New Jersey. Gas prices nationwide are approaching the dreaded $4 a gallon mark, increasing 48 cents since February.

Why the spike?

"Strong global demand, tensions with Iran and the switch to more expensive summer fuel are driving up prices on the East Coast" said Ben Brockwell, spokesman for the Oil Price Information Service in Wall Township.

Brockwell says the good news is that gas prices in the West, which typically rise first, are starting to come down a bit.

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"California has already hit $4.25 a gallon and now the east coast is seeing the price spike. Both Maine and Maryland are sitting at $3.99. New Jersey, thankfully, is not one of those states."

But, Brockwell cautions that prices could still spike to $3.80 a gallon and higher.

"The market is starting to settle, the California prices are easing, but during the spring season there is always a spike."

The good news is that gas prices usually dip after the spring peak says Brockwell.

"Last year gas fell from $3.98 a gallon in May, to $3.55 in July and finished the year at $3.28 so I do think the worst is over."