Library patrons across New Jersey are now able to use the Amazon Kindle to download library books for free.

"There are a great number of people who are using technology for information seeking, reading and for writing as well," said David Lisa, Project Specialist at the New Jersey State Library. "We have generations that look at reading from different technological points of view and libraries are trying to meet individual users on their own fields, where they are most comfortable."

Digital distributors across the country are adding Kindle compatibility to public and school libraries. Overdrive, one of the leading digital distributors, supplies eBooks and audiobooks for 15,000 public and school libraries around the world and more than 11,000 in the United States.

"Whether you're reading from a book, a kindle or another handheld device, the bottom line is people are still reading," said Lisa. "They just have more ways of approaching reading than ever before. It's been very convenient for library users to choose the way that they want to read books through libraries."

Not every library is pleased with the system. Some say once you download, you get a pitch from Amazon to buy more books. The only complaint Lisa has heard has involved wait times to download books. "As it is with books in print, there are only a certain number of copies available electronically through the library, so you just wait in a virtual hold cue until the book becomes available."

"The nice thing is, you can read the book with the touch of a button and you don't even have to return it to the library."