Childhood mental disorders are on the rise, with one in five kids dealing with some kind of a problem, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

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Anxiety and depression and ADHD are among the most prevalent childhood mental disorders, the CDC says.

Increased drug and alcohol abuse are also on the rise among the age 12 to 18 group.

CDC Child Development Team head Dr. Ruth Perou says without treatment, the impact of these conditions can be devastating.

Debra Wentz, of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health Agencies, says if parents are seeking an early warning about a problem, "a change in child or adolescent's behaviors are the most obvious indicators of a problem."

Attention deficit disorder is the most common mental health problem among the young, with almost 7 percent of the 12 to 18's struggling with that issue.

Illicit drug use was found in about 4.7 percent of these youth, about 1.15 million children. Alcohol abuse disorder was 4.2 percent, about 1 million children, and cigarette dependence was 2.8 percent, about 691,000.