Jet fuel was pumped into cars at three Mercer County gas stations, joining two stations in Monmouth County that did the same thing last week.

Tom Merton, Getty Images

Authorities closed Lukoil at 2515 Brunswick Pike in Lawrence, Express Fuel at 2482 South Broad Street in Hamilton, and Lukoil at 1070 White Horse Avenue in Hamilton.

Mercer County spokeswoman Julie Willmot tells the Times of Trenton  the stations will remain closed until all underground storage tanks, lines and filters are emptied and cleaned.

“The state office of weights and measures is gathering this information and seeking to learn how many consumers may have been affected and the exact timeline by which any consumers have been affected,” spokesman Neil Buccino told the Times of Trenton

Any consumers who believe they mistakenly received jet fuel or aviation gasoline are asked to contact the state office of weights and measures at (732) 815-4840, he said.

Several cars stalled on Friday when a Delta gas station in Keyport and a Lukoil station  in Manasquan unknowingly pumped jet fuel into their tanks.

The engines of drivers who filled up with the wrong fuel in Keyport seized up about 100 feet after driving off.

The website Jalopink, a website about automobiles and driving, says that putting jet fuel into a car is like putting diesel fuel into a car that runs on regular gas. It will not cause damage but the engine and fuel components will need to be drained and cleaned. Many people thought they could get around high gas prices by running their cars on jet fuel.

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