More fathers are opting to stay closer to the home fires, either by choice or chance, according to social scientists who are following the trend.

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Experts indicate that while the number of stay-at-home dads is still small, telecommuting is making it possible for some fathers to spend more time at home. More dads are also turning down promotions and career moves for their families.

The lack of job opportunities can also be a contributing factor to the rise in stay-at-home fathers.  "We know that the recession has disproportionately struck the kinds of jobs that men hold, like construction and finance," said Deborah Carr, a sociologist at Rutgers University.

Carr also said if you look across generations, you will see that men who belong to Generation X and Generation Y are more likely to take a job that allows them to be at home.

Some men say they are doing the domestic thing because they don't want to repeat what happened when they were growing up, and their dad was mainly absent.