If you're a retailer in Salem County you might want to take a look at these lovely ladies in this article.Police say they are suspected of using $2,100 in fake money to make purchases at a Walmart in Pennsville. It happened over the Black Friday shopping weekend. So are we to understand that even though all the money was counterfeit, they still wanted the experience of getting a good bargain on top of it? I suppose that would leave them more counterfeit money for another day, lol.

Whenever I see counterfeit cash in the news I always think about what most of us would do if we knew we had gotten stuck with a phony hundred. When you weren't the one cranking out the bogus bills, but just the victim who got stuck with one, it has to be tempting to play the pass along the pain game. If you have a story, share it as a comment below.

Have you ever got stuck with counterfeit money? You can comment below.