The June gaming numbers were lackluster again for the new Revel Casino in Atlantic City.  There is also an update on red light cameras today.


  • Revel finishes eighth for the third straight month out of the AC casinos.
  • The red light camera re-certification process and afterwards could present major headaches for some NJ towns.  Meanwhile, the debate in Trenton continues about whether the program should be scrapped.
  • New numbers from the OLS say that revenues are again falling short of the Governor's projections.
  • A new study examines whether school work in New Jersey is too easy for children.
  • Kelly Waldron examines how the state's crops are holding up during the recent heat waves.
  • South Jersey mayors are increasingly worried about losing many state troopers, who patrol rural areas, to retirement.
  • New Jersey is among 18 states with a whooping cough outbreak.

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Tuesday's poll asked if you thought welfare money should be permitted to be spent on things like beer and cigarettes.  There were a lot of votes on this, and 95% think it's ridiculous for tax money to be used on those items...5% say they should be allowed to buy whatever they want.




Courtesy Governor's Office