A Manhattan high school which is noted for its business-based curriculum invited a rapper known for a raunchy video featuring a half-naked guy and plenty of n-bombs.

The rapper’s name is Natasha Ferguson. She’s from Montclair and is better known as Maad*Moiselle.

What she has to do with business is anyone’s guess – unless of course she’s there as an example of how to make it in the music business – albeit, in my opinion, as somewhat unoriginal.

But that’s just me.

Anyway, the “Principal of the Day” title is merely symbolic – wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have chosen someone who better represents the world of business than a rapper whose image in portrayed in a video as somewhat tawdry?

Sounds like the high school went all “Snooki” for a day – recalling the visit the former “Jersey Shore” star made to Rutgers as a guest speaker for a day.

According to this story from the New York Post:

Now, while she’s not a banker, realtor, or stock broker; what Maad*Moiselle has going for her is relatability.

The student body, in all likelihood, would have been able to relate to her better than one of the aforementioned.

This despite the video with less than desirable lyrics and images. However, that's what sells in the music biz.

And it is all about business at that high school!