One of the biggest surprises in college sports this year that more NJ residents should be talking about is the success of Monmouth University's basketball team.  This is an exciting feel-good story for New Jersey. This is a team that could be a contender in the upcoming March Madness Tournament.

We were fortunate to have one of Monmouth's star players on the show today, Senior Guard Deon James called in to the show to talk about the team's success, as well as what it is like to be a collegiate basketball player.

One of the biggest things for any athlete to handle is the adjustment to success at a professional or collegiate level. As the basketball team continues winning, I asked Deon James if the team's success has gotten them more notoriety off the court as well. "Oh yeah most definitely, going to the store, all around town. People are always coming up to us saying what a good job we're doing and wishing us luck on our next game. So it's been great."

We also discussed what the schedule and regiment is like to be a student athlete. I asked Deon specifically what the comradery is like between the team and the rest of the student body. "Everybody's extremely proud of us all throughout campus. Everybody's saying what a great job we're doing, from the students to the staff members to the teachers. Everybody's on board and thinks we can go really far with this."

Listen to the full interview with with Senior Guard Deon James in the YouTube clip above. Go Hawks!

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