Fridays are a vey special day on the show. Not just because it is the start to the weekend but because we honor a special NJ police officer(s), known as #BlueFriday. I have pledged to honor a special NJ law officer or in this case officers, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

I'm tired of all the bad press the police have been getting across the country so I've decided to change the narrative with #BlueFriday.

This week's honorees are from the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, who made the day of two young boys. Monmouth County Officers Doug Marino, Joseph Borgia and Alex Torres went above and beyond the call of duty, doing something that seems so rudimentary, but made such a big impact to two boys who idolized them.

We received this note from Alexandra on Facebook who wanted to praise the three officers for spending time with the two boys:

I'd like to share a story that truly touched my heart earlier. After celebrating my nephews 7th birthday at iPlay America, it was time for dinner and my two oldest nephews decided to come with me.

We were the first at the restaurant and while walking in the parking lot we saw three sheriffs officers walking towards us to their trucks.

The boys ran up to them to thank them for their service. My nephew told them it was his birthday and they all wished him a happy birthday and shook both their hands. They then looked at each other and asked the boys if they had ever been in a police vehicle, excitedly the boys said no and the officers asked if they'd like to change that. Of course the boys said yes!

We walked back to their trucks and each of my nephews got to go into the two trucks. The officers let them see how the lights and sirens work, the speakers, showed them a full tour of their trucks. The boys asked a million questions and with the most patience and biggest smiles on their faces, the officers answered every single one.

This was not only a fun and cool experience for the boys but also an educational one being able to speak to and listen to these officers one on one. The officers even gave them coloring and activity books at the very end. These wonderful men took a chunk of their day to make these young boys days!

This experience became all they talked about when we went into the restaurant and saw everyone else. I am so grateful to have been the one to witness this with my nephews. Their smiles were from ear to ear and they were so attentive to these exceptional men.

This one act of kindness made such a large impact on a 6 and 7-year olds day, it will definitely be one they won't forget. Thank you Monmouth County Sheriffs Officers. Look at the smiles on these boys!

Amazing stories like these are the ones that you won't see in the press that we want to make sure NJ residents are aware of. A special thank you to Monmouth County Sheriff Officers Doug Marino, Joseph Borgia and Alex Torres as your small gesture, made a huge difference to those two boys. Phenomenal job by all three sheriff's officers!

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