The Monmouth County Courthouse remains closed for another day while the investigation into what caused almost 80  people to get sick presses on.

Monmouth County officers  tell Townsquare Media the cleanup continues for another day but they have no new information on what made so many people sick nor can they comment any further at this point.

“All the tests so far have ruled out the most probable causes for the symptoms that were reported by employees and other individuals with business at the courthouse,” said William K. Heine, director of Public Information for the county in a press release. “We have ruled out possible causes that could be related to housekeeping, construction and general building maintenance.”

Additional testing is scheduled for Wednesday for  substances derived from plants, animals or items that can be found on people’s desks. Once the testing is complete, the courthouse will be cleaned again.

So far the construction area of the courthouse’s East Wing has been checked and air filters in the  entire building were changed for a second time. The county has also determined that there has been no change in the regular cleaning of the building.

  • General Equity at the Hall of Records and the Probation offices at Mechanic Street and Ocean Township will remain open.
  • Bail can be posted at the Monmouth County Jail on Waterworks Street in Freehold, New Jersey.
  • Temporary restraining orders will be handled by local police departments.
  • Child Support payments can be mailed to: Attn: NJFSPC, PO Box 4880, Trenton, NJ 08650-4880
  • Child Support and Probation payments will also be received at our 30 Mechanic Street Office.