Monkees fans across New Jersey, the nation, and the world, have been remembering Davy Jones the last few days.  Did you know that one of the "Monkees" biggest hit records has a New Jersey connection?

Yesterday, here at, I wrote about meeting Davy Jones in 1988 (click HERE).  Today, the "Jersey Connection."

The Monkees 1967 hit "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (#3 on the US Top-40 charts, debuting 7-22-67), was written by Gerry Goffen and Carole King ("I Feel The Earth Move," "Jazzman," "Sweet Seasons," etc). Goffin and King's inspiration for the song's name was "Pleasant Valley Way" in West Orange, New Jersey, where they were living.  Pleasant Valley Way follows a valley through several communities in the Watchung Mountains.  The lyrics tell the story of "keeping up with the Joneses." Commentary on social conditions of the '60s: status symbols, creature comforts, and life in suburbia, in general.

"Charcoal burning everywhere/Rows of houses that are all the same/And no one seems to care."

"The roses are in bloom...a TV in every room...Another Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in status symbol land."

 Lyrics inspired by "suburban life" in New Jersey in 1967.

R.I.P Davy Jones. Thanks for the music!