Kelly-Mae Hemphill — the drug addict and mother whose family has said she's is in recovery after a video of her overdose went viral — has been arrested in connection with strongarm robbery last year.

Hemphill was in possession of suspected crack cocaine during the arrest, authorities said. She was charged with a possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

The robbery took place last year, months before Hemphill's notorious OD and revival with naloxone. Hemphill's mother, Kelly Hemphill, told New Jersey 101.5 her daughter missed a court date while in recovery at a rehab facility in Florida.

Authorities with the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office said Hemphill landed on their list of top-10 most-wanted fugitives after others were apprehended.

The prosecutor's office said Wednesday its fugitive unit learned Hemphill was living at a  Dumont Street address in Deptford, and took her into custody without incident. She was  transported to the Gloucester County Justice Complex and turned over to the county Sheriff’s Department, where she was held without bail pending her next scheduled court appearance, an arraignment on the robbery charges on June 6.

Authorities allege Hemphill and two others — including her own brother — robbed a man in Paulsboro Nov. 8, taking an iPhone 6 and cash. Nicholas Aguilar, 21, of Franklinville, is accused of strangling the victim with a cord.

They were initially arrested and charged with robbery offenses a week later, but a Gloucester County grand jury indicted Hemphill on the charges April 20. She failed to appear for a post-indictment arraignment May 2, the prosecutor's office said.

A video of Hemphill overdosing has been viewed on Youtube nearly 190,000 times. In the video, Kel-Mae Hemphill lies on the side of the road as her brother Rob and bystanders attempt to give her CPR. Paulsboro police soon arrive and administer Narcan. Within minutes, she regains color in her face and begins breathing shallowly before paramedics and EMTs arrive and transport her to a hospital.

As the video spread online earlier this year, Hemphill became combative, posting to her Facebook account that critics should "just keep your f*** mouth shut and all you people say you don’t use drugs every one of use use mommy’s little helper you think you’re good moms have you seen even got your kids either.”

But in the time since, her mother, Kelly Hemphill, told New Jersey 101.5 that when Kelly-Mae finally viewed the video for herself, she was shocked — and inspired to seek treatment.

“I heard her in the other room crying and when I went in I asked what was wrong, and she said ‘I’m watching the video,'” Kelly Hemphill said in March.

Addiction has been a frequent issue in the Hemphill family, the mother said.

“I’m getting tired of going to the funeral homes,” she said, adding that between recent deaths and her daughter’s ordeal her family “has been through so much in the past month.”

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