Actually there are two stories here.

One story reports a mom made her daughter spend a night in jail for spitting at a cop rather than bail her out – all to teach her a lesson about how dopey actions have consequences.

Another in which a former military man wanted to impart some discipline to his young son by making him lug 23 pound paving stones from one place to another – and as a result of his methodology, has been charged with child cruelty.

All in all, do you think “tough love” is a good way to teach kids a lesson; or is it just plain cruel.
Did you parents ever use tough love on you, and how did you turn out? Was the lesson learned, or did you want to become an “ax murderer?”

Another story from Georgia states that a Father faces child cruelty charges for punishing his 16 year old son by making him carry a 23 pound landscaping stone for several miles - all because he was spending too much time playing video games and neglecting his homework:


Here’s the deal: I don’t have a problem with the mother making her daughter spend the night in jail. It might seem extreme, but considering what the kid did in spitting in the face of a cop, one night in jail isn’t too harsh a penalty.

In the other, I get what the father is trying to do - but he's overdoing it - especially carrying out his discipline over a 3 day period.

It’s unorthodox to have your 16 year old son lug paving stones as a punishment for merely doing his homework – but if done one time and one time alone could teach the kid that his parents mean business.

As much as the kid may need some discipline, 3 days worth, and at 3 in the morning is just plain cruel

Do “tough love” lessons work to instill discipline in kids?