Our Wednesday high temperatures, as expected, were in the 50s; as high as 57 in Atlantic City before lunchtime, but mostly mid 50s.  Of course, there was still enough wind to notice.

As there will be today.  A brisk wind with clouds and sunshine, but I think we'll be rain-free.  Any shower activity will be to the north and east of New Jersey across Long Island and Connecticut with some highs in the low 60s.

Becoming clear tonight with temps in the mid 30s to low 40s for average statewide lows, but mid to upper 40s along the south coast.

Sunny and a bit milder Friday with highs in the mid 60s, but finally for the first time in many days, it may turn cooler with a sea breeze later in the afternoon near the ocean.

Sunshine for much of Saturday with maybe some late clouds, and highs from 68 to 72 but cooler again along the coast.

And some sunshine is forecasted for Sunday.  A few highs could be near 80, but still cooler Sunday near the ocean.

More warm weather will be with us, at least to start with for the early part of next week.