During his "Every Town Counts" bus tour, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney got to an experience an area favorite, while not quite grasping the name.

As the bus went through Pennsylvania over the weekend, Romney had schedule a visit to a Quakertown Wawa.  However, a delegation of Democrats, including former PA Governor Ed Rendell, planned to crash that party.

The bus detoured, and stopped at a second Wawa in Quakertown.  Romney took a quick tour of the store, where he shook hands and ordered a sub...or hoagie.

The audible of plans forced some changes to the day's plan.  The former Mass. Governor had planned to offer some remarks from the first Wawa, but instead headed back out on the bus.

During a speech in Cornwall that same day, Romney recounted his trip to Wawa, but messed up an important detail.

"Where do you get your hoagies here?" he asked the crowd, "Do you get them at Wawa's, is that where you get them? No? Do you get them at Sheetz?"

The latter comment was playing up the feud between the two popular hoagie/sub shops in Pennsylvania.

Romney kept going, "Well, I went to a place today called Wawa's, you ever been to Wawa's, anyone ever been there?"

The crowd gave a mixed reaction, as Romney continued to wax poetic about "Wawa's."

"I went to Wawa's.  I wanted to order a sandwich.  You press a little touch-tone keypad," he explained, "You just touch that and the sandwich comes at you.  Touch this.  Touch this.  Touch this.  Go pay the cashier.  There's your sandwich!  It's amazing."

The video below recaps some of the visit of the Republican nominee to his new favorite hoagie place.