Dennis and Judi were talking about this crazy story this morning (5/2) about a Pa. mom who went missing more than 10 years ago who has turned up in Florida.


Brenda Heist, who is now 54, mysteriously disappeared after dropping off her children for school 11 years ago. Heist has surfaced in Florida, telling police she traveled there on a whim with homeless hitchhikers, survived by scavenging food and panhandling, authorities said Wednesday.

According to this article, Brenda Heist, 54, had been declared legally dead, Lititz Borough Police Detective John Schofield said. The detective said he met with her in Florida on Monday and she expressed shame and apologized for what she did to her family.

Heist was going through a divorce back in 2002 when she was turned down for housing assistance, which led her a desperate moment. She was crying in a park when two women and a man befriended her, then invited her to join them as they began a month-long hitchhiking journey to South Florida, Schofield said.

Dennis and Judi then posed the question to the listeners. If you wanted to get away from your life, where would you go to start over? Surprisingly, the majority of callers, while they may not have had a specific destination in mind, they have given thought to leaving. Here were some of the places where our listeners did said they would head to if they left:

- Montana

- Costa Rica

- South America

- Florida

- Puerto Rico

So if you were to just up and leave your family, where would you go?