A fishing vessel that called in a mayday off the New Jersey coastline managed to get to safety in just 45 minutes — but failed to notify the US Coast Guard, setting off a massive all-night search.

According to U.S. Coast Guard spokesman David Micallef, the fishing vessel Interlude out of Stuart, Fla. began to take on water when the engine went out, cutting power to the pumps. After receiving a call at 12:45 p.m. Sunday afternoon, the Coast Guard immediately launched a search for the 43-foot boat that included a helicopter, a cutter and other equipment.

The sport fishing boat, however,made it to safety at Smith's Marina in Somers Point at 1:30 p.m. but the two people one board never notified the Coast Guard, who continued searching for the boat until Monday morning.

Micallef, said that a conversation between the pair at breakfast was overheard by someone else at a restaurant, who contacted the Coast Guard. A Coast Guard representative was sent to the restaurant to confirm it was the pair from the Interlude that was on board.

Micallef said because the Coast Guard was not notified that the Interlude was safe, "a lot of assets and resources and people's time was used up for this case.  It's important to follow up with the Coast Guard" if reach safety.

Micallef said the pair will not likely face charges as the two on board were "under a lot of stress" during their ordeal and that they simply may not have thought to contact the Coast Guard.