long live the shore!

Here’s what’s coming up on New Jersey’s only all live /all local/ all night show…with me, just a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.

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1) Do you feel New Jersey needs to raise the minimum wage from 7.25 an hour to 8.50 an hour with yearly adjustments for inflation?

2) Would you consider it un-American to do away with the National Anthem before a sporting event?

3) Should public officials who’ve used public generators for their own use be charged with a crime…..3 stories:

4) What was the longest traffic delay you ever sat in….yesterday morning 2 busses collided in the express bus lane at the Lincoln Tunnel causing what would have been an hour and a half ride into the city into a 4 hour plus ride.

5) What is the wildest tattoo you got that you now regret?

Plus other stuff as it comes up, only on New Jersey’s only all-live, all-local, all night show, conmigo, Ray “el rey de la noche!”

And remember, should you wish to remain anonymous, just use the code word, “schmegheghee!”