Senate President Steve Sweeney told Eric Scott and Jim Gearhart on Wednesday that Democrats had no intention of bringing back the talks of a millionaire tax hike.  Guess what happened later Wednesday afternoon?


  • After the Senate President's proclamation of no millionaire's tax hikes in the near future, Democratic lawmakers brought the tax hikes as a centerpiece of the upcoming budget debates.
  • Governor Christie held a post-budget address Town Hall on Wednesday, where he spoke about bi-partisanship in Trenton and the minimum wage debate.
  • Small businesses respond favorably to Governor Christie's proposed income tax cut.
  • New Jersey is rated at the bottom of the barrel for state's seen in a favorable light, according to a new poll.
  • An upcoming conference will brief school officials on the state of education in New Jersey.
  • President Obama introduces a plan to cut corporate taxes.
  • Student loan debt continues to be a growing problem, as it outweighs credit card debt in the county.
  • A new report says that New Jersey ranks sixth in the nation for fatal senior citizen accidents.
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    The Wednesday poll asked how you would grade Governor Christie's budget address.  56% gave the Governor an "A"




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