The Beatles are one of the hardest bands to cover because frankly no one else can hold a candle to the originals. Having said that,there’s a new cover of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” done by Miley Cyrus and flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne according to TMZ.

The range of those who have covered “Lucy goes from Elton John who took it to number one in 1974 with John Lennon, who wrote the song that appeared on the Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearst Club Band in 1967, performing backing vocals and guitar under the pseudonym ‘Dr Winston O Boogie."

Lennon also joined Elton on stage at Madison Square Garden to perform it live on Thanksgiving night 1974. It would be the last time Lennon would perform live.

Then there was the William Shatner version who boldly went where he never should have gone.

After listening to the Cyrus version, where would you rate it? What was the worst cover of a song that you’ve ever heard?