NJ101.5 has partnered with local animal rescue organizations EASEL Animal Rescue League and Friends of EMAS (Edison Municipal Animal Shelter) to feature adoptable local pets in need of homes. Help us find these pets homes by sharing this information with family members and friends who may be interested in adopting a shelter pet.

Adopt Miley

Miley (Photo courtesy of Friends of EMAS)

Miley is an elegant, sleek cat with a relaxed and gentle spirit currently up for adoption at the Edison Municipal Animal Shelter. She loves to engage people with her amber eyes and she will meow until you give her some attention. Miley is affectionate and enjoys cuddling. She will dazzle you with her playful ways and charming personality. Miley is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations and FIV/FeLV negative. What Miley wants most of all is a forever family to share her love with. Could that be you?

If you're interested in meeting Miley or fostering/adopting her, please email us at EAS@edisonnj.org or call us at 732-248-7278. You can see more adoptable cats from Friends of EMAS here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Mason

Mason (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Mason arrived at the Ewing Animal Shelter the hard way. He was running the streets for a few days and no one could catch him. He was scared, cold and hungry. When approached by the police and animal control, Mason charged at them to get them to go away. They had to use pepper spray to get Mason to the shelter. When he got to the shelter, Mason was calm and friendly. It turns out that he knows how to sit, lie down, give paw and walk on a leash. He also waited for his food and showed none of the aggression that he had on the streets. Since he has been here, Mason is stressed and barks a lot to get out. He is still a good boy on walks, but needs to get out of the shelter as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mason or to schedule a visit, email dogs@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable dogs and puppies here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Shadow

Shadow (Photo courtesy of Friends of EMAS)

Shadow was surrendered with his best dog friend Cocoa to the Edison Municipal Animal Shelter when his family lost their home. Even though Shadow has gone through ups and downs in his life, he still remains a bundle of love! He's the type of dog that can exercise with you or just lounge around while soaking up all the attention. Shadow, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix, is a large dog with a beautiful, charcoal grey coat.  He's a big dog with an even bigger heart! Shadow loves squeaky toys. If you give him a squeaky toy, you will have a friend for life! So, when you come to the shelter and you hear a squeak, squeak, squeak in the distance, you will know that Shadow is just around the corner. He's very attentive, knows some commands and takes treats gently from your hand.

Shadow especially likes going for walks alongside his best dog friend Cocoa. Shadow and Cocoa are known as the dream team at the shelter! They are so happy to hang out together because it gives them a little taste of home that they are missing. They have so much fun running around and they get so silly when they play together. Nothing would make us more joyful than to see these two best buddies be adopted together.

Please take a look at the video of Shadow playing with his best friend Cocoa here.

If you're interested in meeting Shadow or fostering/adopting him, please email us at EAS@edisonnj.org or call 732-248-7278. You can see more adoptable dogs from Friends of EMAS here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Oliver

Oliver (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Oliver is a handsome, young grey tabby that has come a long way since arriving to the Ewing Animal Shelter as a neglected kitten. He has blossomed into an energetic, loving cat with a charismatic personality. Oliver is affectionate and likes being scratched and stroked. He longs for the day when he has unlimited room to chase his catnip toys and run around your home. Oliver will make a great best friend.

To schedule a visit to meet Oliver, please email kitty@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. You can find more of EASEL’s adoptable cats and kittens here, or download a PDF copy of the application form here.