The name Christopher Matlosz instantly resonates with many New Jerseyans, and people across the country for that matter because his story garnered such national attention. Tomorrow, a charity named for him holds a second annual event to remember fallen officers in Lakewood, such as Matlosz.

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Matlosz was shot in January of 2011 by now-convicted killer, Jahmell Crockam, while patrolling a neighborhood in Lakewood. The incident sent shock-waves through the community and the state. It was an incident that also triggered an idea for the charity event by Frank Mattioli, event director.

"I grew up in Lakewood and have a lot of friends on the department," Mattioli explained, "Just thinking back to that day when that occurred, they didn't give any names. It could have been any man or woman on the force that day."

The event is "Miles For Matlosz," which is a 5 mile run where Mattioli says the goal is "to memorialize the passing of the Lakewood police officers, Matlosz, Preslar, and Richter, who all died in the line of duty."

Patrolman William Preslar passed away in 2007 during a car accident while on duty. Patrolman Hartley Richter was also killed in a motor vehicle, back in 1947, while trying to stop a car.

In 2011, the first "Miles For Matlosz" raised $11,000 profit with about 250 runners participating. All of the money raised goes directly to the Lakewood PBA Local 71.

"The raising money part is great, but at the end of the day, we just want to make sure that we let them know, everyone in Lakewood, that we appreciate them and that we are there to support them," Mattioli said.

He says that the support of local businesses and the community has made the event possible. Senator Robert Singer, who will make the Presentation of Honor at tomorrow's event, has been particularly essential to the event planning.

About 500 runners are expected for this year's event, which begins Tuesday, July 3rd at 5:30 PM with check-in.  Full event details and registration information available here.

Mattioli had actually expected a bit of a drop-off in participation and support, but that certainly did not take place.

"We really haven't seen a difference in support from last year, which we thought we would see," Mattioli said, "But everyone is still willing to support us in our cause"

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