Mikey Nichols doesn't give up on a goal or a dream. That's the way he played hockey until he broke his neck on Jan. 4, 2014 that left him in a wheelchair. His upbeat personality in dealing with his situation is an inspiration to all those around him. He vows to walk again and I believe him. That's why when he reached out to me asking for an internship, I knew it would be the perfect job for him. So far he has over delivered on expectations.

Mikey opened up about his injury and his dream last Thursday night. We talked about the injury. "What was I thinking — I was very calm. I knew my life had changed forever. I didn’t know the obstacles in front of me but I knew I had to fight."

Overcoming adversity is nothing new to Nichols. "How do I overcome adversity? I have been an underdog my entire life. This was never new to me having to prove people wrong. I’ve been working hard ever since a little kid as a hockey player so now I’m working hard in other areas."

I asked him ... Areas like talk radio? He answered, "Ever since I was a little kid I grew up listening to talk radio. I had two dreams as a kid, that was becoming a professional athlete or having my own radio talk show."

I think Mikey's going to be great at it. He's extremely knowledgeable about sports, music, pop culture, and comics. What he doesn't know he finds out through his intense preparation and he's got such an engaging personality that he makes you feel like you're his best friend. "Why I feel I’ll be good for talk radio- I am a very knowledgeable person while very open-minded. I enjoy hearing other peoples opinions while being able to express mine."

Knowing Mikey's work ethic, personality, and drive that I have seen in the short time that we've worked together, this is one career that I'm going to enjoy watching grow!

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