Dennis and Judi had a very special guest stop by today. It was none other than Mike Cuzzo, the man who is making headlines this week after his dismissal from a Howell Wawa.

Mike has been known for his colorful outfits and his outgoing personality that made customers smile when they came to get gas where Mike worked. mike had all of that on display today as he was dressed in a tux, complete with bright pink socks and handed Judi a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Mike even brought the little boy pee-pee water dispenser that he used to wash windows that someone found offensive.

Mike stopped by to see Dennis and Judi broadcast live in order to thank them in person for the discussing his story on the air during the week.

Mike opened up to Dennis and Judi about everything from how he views himself as a Patch-Adams type who wants to make people smile and laugh, to the some of the things he's done to provide a better experience for his customers.

Mike told a heart-breaking story about a pregnant woman who pulled in to get gas and was crying over concerns about the health over her unborn baby. Mike talked to her and told her things would be ok and made her angel wings out of a dollar bill.

As for his former employer, Wawa, apparently it is water under the bridge at this point. Dennis asked Mike if there were any hard feelings towards his former employer, to which Mike responded "not at all."

See the entire interview that Dennis & Judi conducted with Mike Cuzzo in the YouTube video above.