Michael Vick is making startling admissions as he promotes a new book and clothing line. 

The Eagles quarterback, who at one point was broke after his arrest for running a major dogfighting operation, is in the second year of a lucrative contract.  He is a starting quarterback with his name ringing out across the NFL.

Now, he is seeking to offer insight to his life before, during, and after the horrific dogfighting ring tarnished his name, reputation, and threatened his financial future.

The details are poured out in his autobiography, Finally Free, which is due out September 4th.

"I've made peace with it, because I have no control over it.  It's not like I could do it all over again," he told USA Today Sports.  "But at the same, I think I made a lot of changes for the better and I think in my quest to be an advocate against dogfighting and working the Humane Society, I've helped more animals than I've hurt."

Vick has been a lightning rod for attention throughout his 9 year career, which includes a 21 month stint in jail.

He had been seen as the man that would revolutionize the quarterback position when he was drafted 1st overall by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 draft.

While he was among the most popular and dynamic players, injuries and inconsistent play kept him from getting to upper rung of NFL quarterbacks.  That part of his career came crashing down in 2007, when he plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges in August.

Excerpts were provided to and released by USA Today that offer a disturbing look into where Vick's head was at during this part of his football tenure.

"Back when I was involved in those activities, I may have become more dedicated to the deep study of dogs than I was to my (Atlanta) Falcons playbook," Vick said, "I became better at reading dogs than reading defenses."

"That's just so sad to say right now, because I put more time and effort into trying to master that pursuit than my own profession...which was my livelihood...which put food on the table for my family."

He was cut by the Falcons in June 2007.

However, Vick was given a second-chance by the Philadelphia Eagles in August 2009, when he was signed to a non-guaranteed contract.  He was also forced to wait his turn and beat out several QB's before getting his shot in 2010 to run the Eagles offense.

The book release is sure to cause another firestorm for the polarizing quarterback.

For now, he will continue the media blitz for the book and the newly launched, "V7" clothing line, until he heads to training camp this weekend.

The discussion will surely turn to the quest of a Super Bowl ring for the championship-hungry Eagles and their fans.