Not meaning to sound trite, but the old saying applies: "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!"

And that’s exactly what Michael J. Fox is doing each and every waking day – embracing the fact that he’s got Parkinson’s Disease, yet works through it; and realizes that perhaps…just perhaps…he’s been given a great gift!

I know, it sounds crazy, but to hear the actor tell it himself, his feeling is that his life is actually better.

"If I walked into a room with God or Buddha or Bill Gates or Sergey Brin or whoever could figure out a way to fix it for me, I don't think I'd do it," the actor tells Rolling Stone magazine in its October issue.

It was the same sentiment he wrote about 11 years after his 1991 diagnosis, in the memoir "Lucky Man."
"The bottom line of this whole f--king thing is that it's better," Fox, 53, tells Rolling Stone.

"My life is better than it was, because I have access to these truths and access to these moments where I give myself a break and just go, 'F--k it.'"

"That's the source of all this wisdom that's attributed to me. … It's like I just took an a-- kicking and remembered the boots were kicking me."

The former "Family Ties" actor explains that his positive outlook on the debilitating disease has a lot to do with his happiness being in "direct proportion" to his acceptance of having Parkinson's.

"People look at me and have fear and sadness in their eyes, which they think they're seeing reflected back at them," he said.

"They wouldn't see what I'm really feeling, which is, 'I'm OK!' But people are afraid. … They'll realize that this is just my life, the stuff I was given to deal with."

There were moments of doubt, he told the magazine, alluding to the year-long alcohol binge he once went on to escape the "reality" of his situation.

"I was at a loss as to how to deal with it," he said. "The idea of, 'Did I suck this woman into a bum deal and have a kid right away and then fall into this situation?' It was much easier to have a buzz going and not deal with the reality of it."

Now, with an unexpected return to the small screen as a series lead, the actor says that all it takes is his go-getter attitude.

"I just don't tell myself that I can't do it," Fox said — about working on his new NBC sitcom "The Michael J. Fox Show."

"Then I just do it. A show is easier to regulate than life. There's no surprises, really. You know what you have to do in a given day, and you rest and medicate accordingly. I'm shocked at how much easier this is than I thought it would be."

I like the way he thinks: that feeling of just saying “f---k it!” and letting things roll off your back.

Now how many of us can say that, even when life hands us not lemons, but mini ones. How frustrated do we get in the face of them?

Sometimes all it takes to break the stress is to adopt the "Michael J. Fox cure!"

“F---k it!”