NFL fans finally know which team will be the focus on this season of the HBO reality sports documentary series, "Hard Knocks". The Miami Dolphins will be shown in a very intimate light, with plenty behind-the-scenes insight of their training camp sessions on the Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida.

I suppose there are a couple of good story-lines with Miami. Will newly drafted quarterback, Ryan Tannehill win the starting role? Or how about: Is Ryan Tannehill's wife, Lauren the best looking wife of an athlete in all of sports? No, really, check out the picture below if you haven't seen Lauren Tannehill.

As good looking as she may be, and as good as Ryan Tannehill may end up, will these story-lines be enough to grab the viewers interest? I was really hoping the Jets would get picked up for another season. The 2010 edition of "Hard Knocks" showing us the ins and outs of being a New York Jet was fascinating even if you hated the team. You were enlightened on the obscure, loudmouthed approach of head coach, Rex Ryan, Darrelle Revis' contract negotiation, Mark Sanchez's development as the starting quarterback as well as other compelling plots.

This year, you have the biggest circus this side of the Mississippi. With Tebowmania invading the tri-state area and the potential of Mark Sanchez in doubt, having the Jets on "Hard Knocks" seems like it would be the greatest watch in the show's 11-year, 7-season history. We don't know yet if the Jets passed on the opportunity or if HBO decided Miami was a better decision. I can't say I expect too much entertainment from a team that's been in dismay for years, but I guess time will tell.

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