We had the pleasure of speaking with comic legend Carlos Mencia this morning, ahead of his shows at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick.

Carlos does stand up all around the world and we discussed what it's like performing for college crowds nowadays since institutions have become so politically correct. One of the other hot-button topics for comics now is President Donald Trump. While many comics take verbal jabs at the President, you'd be surprised at how many people are turned off by the jokes and are offended.

Carlos told us that one club he recently performed at had over 50 calls on the day of the event asking if he was going to joke about President Trump and if so, can they request a refund because they didn't find that funny.  Mencia thinks, like most of it, everyone needs to relax a little bit, as every president has been the butt of comedians' jokes for years now. Mencia says you can joke about any president, it's just got to be done the right way. "It's crazy ridiculous how bad this is getting. And someone needs to make fun of it but without it being so divisive."

Catch the full interview with Carlos Mencia in the YouTube clip above and catch Mencia live on stage this weekend at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick.

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