How many times have you said to yourself, “gee, I wish my wife would make more than me, so I wouldn’t have to shoulder all the responsibility?

Admit it, I say it all the time.

But who wants to deal with some of the fallout; like, for instance, depression, inadequacy, blah, blah, blah.

When wives bring home more bacon than their husbands, household budgets surely may sizzle but in some cases, men may pay a price. Some guys who lose their role as primary earners are known to lose sexual drive and may deal with insomnia and other issues.

In relationships where women's wages become slightly fatter, scientists have determined that men are about 10 percent more likely to require prescription pills to combat erectile dysfunction, insomnia and anxiety.

Other research has shown that men with wives who earn more are more likely to cheat.

These reactions among a portion of men are significant in light of a study published Wednesday by Pew Research Center that found mothers now earn more than dads in almost a quarter of all U.S. families — the highest level in history.

If men met their future wives when the women already were the bigger breadwinners, "they never have any problems later on," Pierce said. "The problems are all coming in marriages where the guys are making more, they get married, then their pay slips (below their wives' salaries)."

The sort of dollar-fueled downfall in dudes isn't a uniform reaction across the entire male gender, ‘some say: "Lots of guys are OK with this, right?"

I’d like to think so. But then again there’s the fallout when honey brings home the bacon.

Hmm, I gotta wonder. It’s my impression that Mrs. Christie brings home about half a mil from her job, while the Governor reportedly makes from his “state job” 175 thou.
Do you think he’s having these issues?
Naah, not him!