It's not unusual for a photographer to take topless photos of models against the backdrop of the NYC skyline. It is unusual for the models to be 9 males. But look closely enough at this photo in this article and you'll see some of their scars.

They are breast cancer survivors. Yes, men get breast cancer. I was totally unaware of this fact until I was 29 when I met a guy in my industry who became a dear friend and I found out from him that he had been stricken with, and beat, male breast cancer. At one point my friend was given less than a 5% chance of living. 2,360 cases of invasive male breast cancer will be diagnosed this year and about 430 of those men will die from it. It's a real thing even though it's never talked about. The men who posed for the "TopsOffNY" photo shoot say they did it to not only promote awareness but to let other men know they are not freaks; that this happens in the thousands.