Why now, Alan Kasper?  WHY?!  2-4 more inches of snow for Central and South Jersey!

Its been a tough winter...too cold...with way, way too much snow!

Ask anyone you know who is of school age whether there has been enough snow...while they are losing what would have been their "Spring Break."

Its been a good winter for them...no doubt.  (Craig Allen photo)

Finally, the (dirty) Jersey glaciers have been receding...and now, "Mother Nature" wants to put a coat of "fresh" snow over this "gunk" overnight?

In the meantime...

Look what was buried in the ice... at least it is "light." (Craig Allen photo)

You never know what you'll find in the melting multi-storm, muliti-layered ice!

Is this some sort of parking barrier? (Craig Allen photo)

Do you need another example of what's being left behind?

That's where that traffic cone disappeared to! (Craig Allen photo)

YES!!  The OLD snow is melting...compare the two photos below:

The runoff from melting snow (plus warm-ish sun) is cutting through this snow pile. (Craig Allen photo)
The same ice about 2 hours later. (Craig Allen photo)

Aren't you tired of the old, dirty snow? YUCK!

The good news is...its melting. (Craig Allen Photo)

Melt faster...PLEASE!

"Artistic" shot of a pile of old snow in a Jersey parking lot. (Craig Allen photo)
This bench will get more use when the snow is TOTALLY gone. (Craig Allen photo)
Like Jersey kids, this backyard tire swing is ready for warm, sunny days! (Craig Allen photo)

In the meantime, its still cold (and snowy) enough for this guy...

Really? In Mid-March? At least the snowman has had enough! (Craig Allen photo)

...but don't you think that NOW he is needed more at the North Pole, than New Jersey?

UGH! And now...more snow, late tonight and overnight? C'mon!

For the "snow weary," (and that's everyone), there is HOPE:

Look...buds! (Craig Allen photo)

Some trees are trying to usher in "Spring!"

(Craig Allen photo)

Even these two say:

"Mr. & Mrs. Frosty The Snowman" (Craig Allen photo)

"Think Spring!"