Have you caught it? Lottery fever is sweeping the Garden State, as the Mega Millions jackpot has now grown to 540 million dollars!

Judy Drucker, Public Relations Manager for the New Jersey Lottery, says “it’s historical – there has been no other jackpot greater than this.”

She says earlier today “tickets were selling at about 2 thousand per minute – in New Jersey exclusively…2 thousand tickets a minute is very, very brisk – certainly a greater number than is typical and average.”

Drucker calls the situation “thrilling, absolutely thrilling for us here at the Lottery, and also for the public – it’s just really exciting to have such a huge number and the potential of a life-changing dream – for not just one person- it could be many, many people that win.”

So if you buy a ticket – what kind of odds do you have of winning the top prize?

“The odds of winning the jackpot itself is pretty high odds” says Drucker, “ it’s 1 in 175 million - but there are many other prizes that can be won, ranging from a 2 dollar win up to 250 thousand dollars – which is not something I’d turn away…so the odds of winning some prize are 1 in 40.”

A total of 42 states and 2 provinces participate in the Mega Millions game. If nobody has the winning numbers that are drawn tomorrow night, the jackpot will keep growing.