Even though no one here hit for the big prize in that record Mega Millions drawing, New Jersey did quite well.

State lottery director Carol Hedinger says this Mega Millions run turned up a lot of second prize winners. She says there were 19 $250,000 winners, five of them were just this past Friday.

In addition, there have been 139 $10,000 winners from this Mega run that began in late January, 52 just last Friday. Hedinger says the State realized $40 -million in revenue from this Mega run on sales of $96 million. There was also a $1 million winner on March 2nd.

She says, "Certainly, I think we have added revenue from the Lottery this year as a direct result of this jackpot." Hedinger says not only did the State make money from this run of the Mega-Millions, but the ticket sellers also did well, realizing about five-million dollars. She says last year was lackluster for the Mega-Millions. But this year's excitement means New Jersey is way ahead of last year's lottery revenues up to this point.

She called the big jackpot a "mini-stimulus" for New Jersey.