This portion of the show is brought to you by the letters A, B, & C! With a nod to "Sesame Street," read on about the '80s new wave band "ABC!"

The band actually has its roots in the band "Vice Versa," which formed in Sheffield, England in 1977! Martin Fry (born March 9, 1958), who wrote for the fanzine "Modern Drugs," wrote about "Vice Versa," and was soon asked to join the band as the synthesizer player! Over time, the band evolved into ABC, and Fry became the lead vocalist.

ABC's first single "Tears Are Not Enough," was a top-20 hit in England in 1981. The band's second album, "The Lexicon Of Love" was released the following year. To this day, it remains a critic's favorite in the U-K!

It spawned the top-10 hits: "Poison Arrow," "The Look Of Love (Part 1)" and "All Of My Heart" in 1982. The videos got lots of airplay on MTV and similiar venues.

ABC's next album, "Beauty Stab" (1983) was basically ignored. The band's lineup had changed by the 1985 album "How To Be A...Zillionaire!"

While the band's fortunes continue to slide in their native England with the release of "Zillionaire," the single "Be Near Me," was the band's first top-10 hit in the U.S!

After a short break, when Martin Fry was treated for Hodgkins disease, 1987 brought the album "Alphabet City." By then, ABC was comprised of Fry and guitarist/keyboardist Mark White. "When Smokey Sings," a tribute to Smokey Robinson, was a big hit! "The Night You Murdered Love" was a followup release.

Two more albums were issued in the late 80s and early 90s, with little success. And, Martin Fry would lend his singing talents to other bands' projects. Greatest Hits compilations ("Absolutely" 1990, and "Look Of Love" 2001) and remix CDs have been issued over the years.

Fry brought back the band's name for a concept album in 1997, and, in 1999, a live album was released. It covered the band's greatest hits, even thouugh Fry was the only original band member on the album.

Since 2004, Martin Fry, with and without the help of various original bandmates, has taken part in several '80s concert tours! ABC has shared the stage with fellow '80s icons: Human League, Belinda Carlisle, Spandau Ballet, A Flock Of Seagulls, Naked Eyes, Wang Chung, and Cutting Crew. ABC appeared in Las Vegas last year, and toured Germany in March!

The latest ABC album (of new songs), "Traffic" was released in 2008.

What is Martin Fry, and ABC, up to now? Click here for the band's official website!