"Summer Breeze" really feels like what it says it is...a pleasant (musical) breeze on a sunny Jersey summer afternoon! C'mon, SUN!!

Meet "Seals & Crofts," singers of the hit song in question...and unquestionably one of the big "soft rock" bands of the 1970's.

Jim Seals was born in Sidney, Texas on October 17, 1941.

Darrell "Dash" Crofts was born on August 14, 1940, in Cisco, Texas.

Our musical duo first met when Crofts was a drummer in a local band. Soon, Seals would join a different band, "Dan Beard And The Crew Cuts" as a guitar player....eventually, Crofts joined as well.

With Beard, they moved to Los Angeles, and joined "The Champs." Unfortunately, this was after "Tequila" hit #1 in 1958. Can you say "timing?"

Seals toured with Eddie Cochran, of "Summertime Blues" fame, in 1959.

Flash forward to 1963, as Jim Seals, Dash Crofts, Glen Campbell and Jerry Cole left the "Champs," to form "Glen Campbell and the GCs." After a few years, all the guys went their own ways.

Crofts initially went home to Texas.

Seals stayed in California, joining a band called the "Dawnbreakers."

Crofts eventually joined "Dawnbreakers" as well....but the band wasn't successful. Not in music, anyway.

All was not lost, as Dash Crofts married "Dawnbreaker" Billie Lee Day in 1969. And, both Seals and Crofts were introduced to the Bahá'í Faith, which would be important in their lives and lyrics (they converted in 1969).

With the breakup of "Dawnbreakers," the guys decided to try for success as a duo.

Jim Seals would play guitar, sax and violin...Dash Crofts would play both guitar and  mandolin.

The new duo signed a record deal with Talent Associates in 1969, and put out two albums...that were ignored. The second charted, at 122 on the "Billboard 200."

Next, Seals & Crofts signed a deal with Warner Brothers Records in 1971.

The first album didn't go anywhere....BUT..

"Summer Breeze" went to #6 (1972) on the Hot 100 charts, and the "Summer Breeze" album rose to #7 on the album charts! It sold over a million copies, and was awarded an R.I.A.A gold disc in December 1972.

More "Seals & Crofts" soft hits would follow:

"Hummingbird" (#20/1973).

One of Jersey's Favorite Hits:

"Diamond Girl" (#6/1973).

"We May Never Pass This Way Again" (#21/1973).

"Diamond Girl" album, 1973. (Craig Allen photo)

Seals & Crofts played the 1974 "California Jam Festival," along with huge 70's artists like the Eagles, Deep Purple, Rare Earth, and Earth, Wind & Fire!

Part of the concert was shown on ABC TV...a very big deal in terms of mass exposure. Remember, this was years before MTV...

And...the hits just keep on coming!

"I'll Play For You" (#18/1975).

The duo scored their third #6 song of their career with "Get Closer" in 1976!

Above: "Get Closer" LIVE in the Bicentennial year!

And now...back to the S & C hits!

"My Fair Share" would land at #28 in 1977.

"You're The Love" followed up (#18/1978).

Above: its more of an "extended version" than "disco," but its interesting...

"Takin' It Easy" would be Seals & Croft's last entry in the Hot 100 (#79/1978).

Jim Seals and Dash Crofts' deal with Warner Brothers Records ran out in 1980, and the guys decided to take some time off from the music business...

Crofts lived in Mexico and Australia, before moving to Nashville, playing country music.

Seals moved to Costa Rica, and has lived on a coffee farm, off and on, since 1980.  Like his former musical partner, he has spent some time in Nashville. Currently, Jim Seals is living in the Texas hill country, on a ranch.

Back to the music...the musical harmonies and spiritual lyrics and themes would continue...Seals & Crofts briefly reunited, and toured, from 1991-1992. They then reunited in the studio in 2004, recording "Traces," their first new album since 1980.

"Greatest Hits" as of 1975... (Craig Allen photo)

Of course, the original albums have been reissued, and numerous "Best Of" Seals & Crofts compilations have been released over the years!

Its a K-tel 1979 compilation, that I picked up in the late 1980's...love the price! (Craig Allen photo).

You could say that music runs in the "Seals & Crofts" family...

Jim Seals' brother was Dan Seals. Before he became a major country artist, he was known as "England Dan" of "England Dan and John Ford Coley."  When Dan Seals died of cancer in 2009, the brothers were working on an album together. What will happen to any of those recordings is unknown.

In 2011, the band mates' daughters, Juliet Seals and Amelia Crofts, along with Genevieve Dozier, daughter of Seals & Crofts engineer Joey Bogan, formed "The Hummingbirds." They released an album in 2012.

Visit Seals & Crofts' official website by clicking here!

Quite a musical story!

This nj1015.com article inspired by...a soft "Summer Breeze."