Naked Eyes is a synthesizer-centered pop band formed by two friends from Bath England, Pete Byrne on vocals, and Rob Fisher on keyboards. This, initially, short-lived band would create two of Jersey's Favorite Hits!

Naked Eyes wasn't the first band that these two friends had put together. Pete's bio on Naked Eyes' official site states: “It was around 1980 that Rob and I formed a band called Neon, that would later include Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal,” says Byrne. “We recorded a few songs, but the band fizzled, and Roland and Curt went on to form Tears For Fears, while Rob and I created Naked Eyes.” Pretty cool right? (BTW, I wrote about Tears For Fears on a few weeks back).

Upon forming, Naked Eyes was quickly signed by EMI, and began recording in the legendary Abbey Road Studios!

Their debut album was "Burning Bridges." But what would the all-important first single be? Byrne states that he always had a love for the hits from 60's girl groups, so Naked Eyes settled on covering Burt Bacharach/Hal David's "(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me."

The song immediately shot into the Top-10 in the U.S., landing at #8 (1982).

The followup single was written by Byrne and Fisher. "Promises, Promises" was a #11 song!

Also one of Jersey's Favorite Hits, its often forgotten that the 12" mix of the song includes vocals from Madonna!

A third single from "Burning Bridges" in the less-remembered "When The Lights Go Out."

It landed at #37 in 1983.

Naked Eyes' second album "Fuel For The Fire" featured the single "(What) In the Name of Love" (#39/1984).

Soon, the duo was asked to begin work on another record, but, rather than continuing what was feeling like a never-ending cycle, Byrne and Fisher decided to walk away and leave Naked Eyes as a project to be continued at some point in the future!

Peter Byrne moved to California and got involved in session work. He performed on Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover", sang backgrounds with Rita Coolidge and others, and wrote and produced for the Olsen twins(!).

Rob Fisher also explored other projects, doing sessions in London, and forming the band Climie Fisher with Simon Climie.

"Love Changes Everything" went to #23 in 1988 in the U.S.

Sadly, Rob Fisher died on August 25, 1999, at age 39, following surgery.

Pete Byrne released a solo album "The Real Illusion" in 2001, which featured some of the last tracks he wrote with Fisher for a proposed third Naked Eyes album.

In 2005, Byrne put a band together to play some Naked Eyes shows, and has been touring regularly since.

In 2007, Naked Eyes released "Fumbling With The Covers," an acoustic album filled with cover versions of songs made famous by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Elvis Costello. Naked Eyes hits are also featured.

I mentioned touring: In the summer of 2008, Naked Eyes completed a U.S. concert tour with fellow 80's icons Belinda Carlisle, ABC and the Human League!

What is Naked Eyes up to now? Click here for their official site!

Among the highlights:

A special edition of the band's first album, "Burning Bridges" was released on November 26th, 2012.

And, Naked Eyes is finishing work on a new, TRUE third album, "Piccadilly." This studio album (of new music) is scheduled to be released next month!