This electronic rock band formed in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England in October 1989...and hit it big in the new decade!Most of the original lineup of EMF were known in the local Cinderford area before the band formed.

EMF as pictured in 1991 (Craig Allen photo).

James Atkins was out front, handling vocals. Ian Dench played guitar. It was Zac Foley on bass. Derry Brownson handled keyboards and percussion. Mark Decloedt played drums.

The band's name is believed to be an abbreviation of "Epsom Mad Funkers," taken from a fan club of the band New Order. EMF has also been rumored to stand for "Electromotive Force" (a line in an early remix), and also mean things I really shouldn't list on a family web page...

Signed to a recording contract with EMI/Parlophone, the new band mixed light techno with rockier sounds. They often used samplers and sequencers.

EMF's debut single, "Unbelievable" topped the charts in 1990 (#1/1990).

"Unbelievable" features sampled words from comedian Andrew Dice Clay...

Schubert Dip CD, 1991  (Craig Allen photo).

The debut album, "Schubert Dip" was a #3 album in their native England.

"Lies" charted at #18 in 1991.

The "Unexplained" EP, and followup album "Stigma" didn't grab much attention.

After the "Cha Cha Cha" album flopped, EMF took a break from 1995 through 2000...and has reunited three times since!

Sadly, bassist Zac Foley died in early 2002 of a drug overdose. He was 31.

Its always a coup to have your first single hit #1!

Call it: "Unbelievable!"