Efforts to place a Medical Marijuana Cultivation Center in Jackson Township isn't completely out of the question but the concept isn't being embraced either.

Jackson Administrator Joey Torres says the Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center sent them an inquiry but he says because they're a nonprofit it's hard to see the economic benefit.

Torres says when Breakwater sent them their brief proposal "there was no direct formula, like from a business plan on how much money was the economic value of having them."

However, Breakwater Manager John Fisher says they plan to help become a vital part of the community and help municipal budgets by donating to community programs like DARE, Health and Recreation interest. "Our plan is to have a Community Committee that would meet with us on a monthly basis discuss the needs of the community with us and to see what areas we could potentially contribute to." Fisher goes on to say "a lot of the programs that communities have been canceling over the last five years because they can't afford em are the very programs that we can help support."

Torres says Jackson Council Members have told him that the medical marijuana issue is still open. He says they want Breakwater to identify a piece of property that meets their use specifications and to let the permitting process take its natural course.

Meanwhile, Breakwater says they will not attempt to establish cultivation medical marijuana centers in communities where they are not wanted. Fisher says they've entered in dialogue with a number of towns in their Central Jersey region and are optimistic about soon finding communities that will partner with them.